Omnipresent: The Sacred Feminine Balance

Omnipresent: The Sacred Feminine BalanceOmnipresent: The Sacred Feminine Balance
Contemplations of the Divine on Earth
by Vivian Annalee Avalon, Joss Burnel, Dara Fogel, Tamara Lynn Rectenwald, Jacqueline L. Robinson, Brittany N. Selle, Beth Shekinah Terrence, Melissa Rae Thompson
Paperback and eBook


“There is a pulse of all life being awakened in each one of us. We are holy carriers of the Divine Feminine, and She is here, now, whispering into the recesses of our sacred hearts…”
—Jacqueline L. Robinson

The vision of this collection aims to explore all aspects of the authentic integrity of the Divine Feminine, and the “swinging to the opposite extreme” mentalities and actions that have emerged as the Divine Feminine grows in acknowledgement and reclaims Her equal place on Earth, as it should have been all along.

Many have gone to the extreme of taking back the Divine Feminine power by becoming practically anti-masculine and basically feminine versions of the exact male-centered control and domination that is attempting to be balanced in these times. This is completely normal, as many things in our lives swing to the opposites in order to break free of a system or habit, and then eventually swing back to the center middle
ground where balance and equality exist.

Written entirely by female authors for women and men both, this book hopes to assist in finding that center balance, fanning the flame of equality and understanding, in the light of love and compassion.