About Starfield Press

Starfield Press was conceived in summer of 2012 by author and healer Lloyd Matthew Thompson as a place to promote and publish his own written works, as well as a place that may assist others in launching their work and messages into the world.

Operating from the freedom-inducing space of a focus that is not on money or profit, the Starfield Press vision is one of ministry, healing, and personal growth above all. Though profit may come in the balance of exchanging energies, these things far outweigh all else.

Starfield Press is dedicated to the highest quality of messages, and will choose the Heart and that which is for the benefit of all over market or profit every time.

The main focus of Starfield Press shines on thought-provoking material that promotes growth, expansion, and healing. Metaphysical, holistic, and “psychic” topics will often be found from Starfield Press, through fiction, non-fiction and poetry alike.

Another major goal of Starfield Press is to burst stagnant and outdated boxes and mindsets wide open, clearing the space for true healing and personal enlightenment.

See the Submission Info page for details on getting your message reviewed for publication!