by Starfield Press
Paperback — $7.95
eBook — $0.99

The first annual WORLDSTORY treasury, collecting the stories, enlightenment, and experiences of each year, selected from YOU the readers!

IN A WORLD WHERE TRUE SEPARATION IS IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND, everything that happens affects absolutely everything else, in every way.

When one opens and allows a vulnerability and a healing to occur, the way is opened for others to open and heal as well. When one shatters their way through an emotional, mental, or spiritual wall, the interconnected wall is that much weaker for the next being to smash through and find the next step in their own enlightenment.

The WORLDSTORY project is a various author effort designed to relate to each other in unity; to encourage and inspire through the sharing of personal stories, trials, lessons, blessings, and growth; and to offer a space of healing for those doing the writing, and for those reading.

The right people will read the right words at exactly the right time they need it.
That’s how this world works.

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